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Chicago's Premier Personal Injury Firm

Hegarty & Hegarty is a nationally recognized personal injury law firm whose attorneys are aggressive, accomplished and feared by their opponents in the courtroom.

Hailed as a “titan” in the field of personal injury law, founding partner and former Illinois State Bar Association President, Terrence K. Hegarty has been obtaining exceptional outcomes for his clients for more than a quarter of a century.

Specializing in personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, product liability, automobile, construction and railroad negligence, we are a highly effective and experienced team trial lawyers with a proud legacy of excellence.

Board Certified Trial Lawyer - National Board of Legal Specialty Certification

Terrence K Hegarty
Hegarty & Hegarty
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Chicago IL 60602
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Born and raised on the north side of Chicago, founding partner, Terrence K, Hegarty is one of the most respected and feared personal injury attorneys in Illinois. Known among his peers as a tireless advocate who will aggressively pursue a case on behalf of his clients, Mr. Hegarty is a nationally recognized trial lawyer who has been described by the National Law Journal as a “personal injury titan”.

For 35 years Mr. Hegarty has fought for the underdog consistently garnering multimillion dollar awards for his clients. In addition to being the past President of the 34,000 member Illinois State Bar Association, Mr. Hegarty is a widely published legal scholar who lectures extensively to the legal community on trial techniques and skills.

Terrence K. Hegarty has pioneered many of the courtroom techniques that are now considered standard practice in the presentation of injury and death cases in Illinois such as state-of-the-art computer animation, three-dimensional modeling, accident reconstruction. Mr. Hegarty was one of the first trial attorneys in Illinois to utilize day-in-the-life videos, presenting the reality of a personal injury victims daily existence after an accident.

Mr. Hegarty is feared by defendants because of his expertise and superior skills in negotiation, trial preparation and most importantly, in the trial itself.
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