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In today’s business environment, your inventions, your knowledge, your brands—your intellectual property—are some of your greatest resources. You have invested time and money in the development of products and services in order to set yourself apart from your competition. Whether you are a traditional manufacturer, a startup, a provider of services or a not-for-profit, the ability to identify, manage and protect your key intellectual property assets will be a major factor in your future success.

The Intellectual Property Law Group of Quarles & Brady LLP recognizes the present and long-term value of your intellectual property assets. It combines a level of experience, knowledge and judgment that sets us apart from other practices—a team that helps businesses and individuals prosper through the protection of their intellectual property.

Our Attorneys Are Our Strength
Our Intellectual Property Law Group is one of the most diverse and sophisticated practices in the country. Since Louis Quarles took on his first intellectual property case nearly 100 years ago, the Firm has recognized the importance of intellectual property rights and has developed a solid reputation for excellence in client service. This reputation, while collectively earned, is the result of our individual attorneys making distinguished contributions in numerous areas of intellectual property.

Broad Experience
Our Intellectual Property attorneys have decades of experience tackling every sort of patent, copyright, trademark and trade secret issue, as well as IP litigation. Many of the matters we have handled over the years are well known to the business community and many have involved technologies or issues that have had a great impact on society as a whole. Our attorneys include former in-house counsel with experience negotiating major technology agreements and managing global technology licensing and distribution programs.

We are also preparing for the future with some of the smartest and most talented young lawyers around. These bright new attorneys have joined us because they know we provide excellent mentoring in the area of intellectual property law.

Our perspective and skills are anchored in an enduring commitment to protecting and enhancing our clients’ intellectual property rights. As a result, we have many long-term, highly successful clients. Recognizing our strengths, clients regularly seek our advice and counsel before making legal and business judgments.

Legal and Technical Knowledge
Our attorneys are some of the best legal minds available. Equally important, many of them are also highly trained scientists and engineers. They are molecular biologists, biochemists, pharmacists, chemists, and electrical, civil, chemical and mechanical engineers. In addition to a high-level understanding of our clients’ innovations, we have background and experience in the relevant technologies. Some of the fields in which we have significant experience are:
* Biotechnology (viruses, genetics, genomics, proteins, amino acid sequences).
* Medical Imaging (MRI, ultrasound).
* Medical Technology and Pharmaceuticals.
* Electronic Hardware and Software.
* Chemical Compositions and Processes.
* Manufacturing Technology and Materials.
* E-Commerce and Internet-based Technology.

National and Worldwide Network
From six offices located in various regions of the country, we provide coordinated representation on behalf of our clients in nearly every state.

Many of our clients have significant international operations for marketing their goods and services worldwide. We have developed an extensive network of relationships with legal counsel in key commercial centers around the world.

Extensive Client Base
Our list of clients reflects the importance of intellectual property to modern business. We serve companies and organizations in nearly every industry, from traditional manufacturers to high-tech research institutions and everything in between, including advertising agencies, educational institutions, franchisers and franchisees.

Our attorneys regularly handle issues involving leading-edge technologies such as genetically engineered organisms, medical instrumentation, human pharmaceuticals and computer hardware and software. We are equally likely to work with producers of durable goods and food and agricultural products, as technology and competition increase their influence in nearly every human endeavor.

An Integrated Approach
Intellectual property has been categorized as a bundle of rights which are even more effective when utilized together in an integrated approach. Our attorneys can advise you on what types of protection and how much protection will be effective for your various items of proprietary information, processes and brands.

Understanding this concept, our attorneys have strong relationships with each other and members of the Firm’s other practice groups. This ensures that client needs and our services are coordinated and provides effective—and cost-effective—legal solutions.

Our worldwide intellectual property services include:
* Preparing applications for patents and trademark registrations, prosecuting these applications through issuance by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and maintaining these items of intellectual property in force for our clients.
* Working with our international associates to obtain corresponding protection in countries outside the U.S.
* Representing clients in patent and trademark litigation, including alternative-dispute resolution processes such as arbitration and mediation.
* Helping our clients benefit from their intellectual property through licensing agreements and other types of contracts, including franchise, dealership and distribution agreements.
* Protecting trade dress and rights in product packaging and service presentation.
* Protecting proprietary information and trade secrets against theft or unfair competition, including nondisclosure, noncompetition, anti-solicitation and anti-piracy issues.
* Procuring copyright protection, preparing and negotiating copyright licensing agreements, including coverage of work-for-hire, privacy and non-publicity rights.
* Addressing commercial defamation, false advertising and other competitive advertising issues.
* Negotiating computer system acquisitions, outsourcing, multimedia projects, and technology development agreements.
* Advising regarding the internet and e-commerce, including privacy laws, website terms of use, ASP agreements, hosting agreements, copyright rights and fair use, and licenses in fine art and entertainment media.

The keys to business success are as unique as our clients themselves—but every business needs its intellectual property rights protected to maximize success. The Quarles & Brady Intellectual Property Group is as sophisticated and resourceful as our clients. We help our clients not only to identify their critical assets, but to create strategies to commercialize them while avoiding potential disputes with others who are protecting their own assets. We are determined to help our clients thrive, not just survive.

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