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Davis Friedman has exclusively practiced marital and family law for more than 50 years, working on a broad array of issues within this legal area. As a result, we've honed a very specified and expert practice, working on behalf of - and providing the best possible solutions for - our clients. Thus our services span the entire spectrum of matrimonial law, including:

* Child Support
Determining ongoing periodic payments made to the custodial parent is an obligation that often requires a great deal of consideration by both parties. Above all, we make certain that final arrangements are effectively structured to our client's benefit.

* Marital Agreements
We are experts in drafting marital agreements to ensure protection of children, family assets, expenses, support during marriage or any other concerns spouses may have.

* Marital Property Law
The income and possessions a couple acquires during their marriage is generally considered marital property. We are experienced in tracing, identifying and classifying marital and non-marital property and are equipped to handle the simplest and most complex cases. We are experienced in working with and cross-examining experts in a variety of areas, including valuation of closely held business interests.

* Marital Property Settlements
Dividing property after a marriage can be arranged through settlements, including investments, retirement plans and other assets. We can help oversee such procedures.

* Prenuptial Agreements
Currently a common practice before a marriage, such contracts can vary greatly; however, the strength of any pre-nuptial agreement rests in the accuracy, clarity and validity of its terms and content. As seasoned professionals in drawing up such documentation, we can assure our clients of the most feasible and reliable contract for their interests.

* Post-divorce
Even when proceedings have been settled, problems can arise in the period after a divorce which may necessitate further action. Our clients can be sure that we stand by them even after the primary settlement is over, in the event that further issues arise.

* Separation Agreements
In the interim period between separation and divorce, a court order or contract outlining terms between the separated couple can be beneficial to both parties, including lessening potential animosity during divorce proceedings. We can help administer such a measure for our clients in the midst of separation.

* Spousal Support
Seeking financial support or compensation after the dissolution of a marriage is often a difficult negotiation. We have, however, successfully brought about fair and just settlements for innumerable cases, so our clients can be assured they will receive an exemplary ruling for any potential maintenance obligations.

Calculating and enacting the court-ordered support of a spouse or ex-spouse is determined by a number of factors, ranging from the length of marriage to the future financial prospects of both parties. Championing our clients' roles in those factors (and others) leads to worthy gains in determining the amount of support given or received.

* Visitation Rights
Establishing when and how non-custodial parents may visit their children frequently requires careful negotiation. We work vigorously in granting our clients the most agreeable terms of access to their children under law.

Fellow - American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

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