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The Law Offices Of Sawyier & Williams, LLP provide an array of services in all aspects of real estate law, a field in which Michael Sawyier has practiced for 30 years. See his biography for more about his extensive real estate experience.

Our firm’s real estate practice relates to our core practice in estate planning, tax planning, trusts and estates, and asset protection. Because real estate is such an important part of many clients’ estates, creating an estate plan requires legal restructuring of the ownership of the real estate. For example, new limited liability entities may need to be formed to own and operate investment property, entities themselves owned by clients’ trusts or by other entities owned in turn by clients’ trusts. The logical reasons for such restructured ownership are compelling, but there are, of course, numerous technical details involved in carrying out the necessary transfers. Mr. Sawyier and all the attorneys of the firm personally attend to all these details as part of our core practice.

Residential and commercial real estate purchases

We are also experienced in residential and commercial real estate purchases, sales, exchanges, and leasing for clients seeking representation in such specific transactions whether or not as part of their overall estate plans. Such transactional work goes hand-in-hand with the administration of decedents’ estates, where the sale of the real estate is often necessary. We welcome and regularly represent “stand-alone” real estate clients who are initially seeking representation in only specific transactions, whether a house purchase or sale, for example, or an office lease. Our total commitment to client service applies to every one of our clients.

We also stand ready to extend that commitment at any time to any sort of real estate litigation that best serves our clients’ interests.

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