Jeffrey W Brend
Illinois Divorce and Family Law Attorneys - CPAs - Business Appraisers - Fraud Examiners

Family Law
* Complex Child Custody and Visitation Issues
* Financial Discovery
* Forensic Accounting
* Business Valuation
* Tax Considerations
* Property Rights
* Prenuptial Agreements
* Paternity
* Adoption
* Child Support/Alimony/Maintenance
* Marital Settlement Agreements
* Separation Agreements
* Appeals

Forensic Accounting
* Tracing of assets
* Determine net income
* Preparation of Marital and Non Marital Balance Sheets
* Lifestyle Analysis
* Analysis of Non-Marital and Marital Assets
* Review of financial documentation

Business Valuation
* Value Businesses
* Examination of balance sheets and income statements
* Cash flow analysis
* Assist in depositions of financial experts
* Development of economic income

Business Transactions
* Corporate, LLC, Partnership formation, including all legal filings.
* "Divorces" for business entities (dissolutions)
* Corporate Record Maintenance
* Contract review
* Business litigation
* Real estate transactions for our corporate clients

Tax Law
* Tax returns for commodity professionals
* Arbitrations at all Chicago commodity exchanges
* Preparation of commodity exchange seat leases
* Trading partnership agreements

At Levin & Brend we offer a range of specialized legal and accounting services related to family law, business transactions and commodities. The attorneys and professional staff at Levin & Brend bring decades of experience to the table. Levin & Brend’s three partners are attorneys and CPA’s. With a blend of skills in matrimonial law, child advocacy, business valuations, forensic accounting and tax law, our firm is uniquely prepared to investigate and evaluate the value of assets in divorce cases and litigate complex child custody issues. Our staff also has expertise in business appraisals and certification as fraud examiners.

We also represent clients in a variety of business transactions - real property, contracts, entity formation, entity dissolutions and business litigation.

In the area of commodities, with extensive experience in commodities trading, we provide added insight to the legal counsel and tax preparation services for commodities traders.

Fellow - American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

Jeffrey W Brend
Levin & Brend PC
20 N Wacker Dr #2920
Chicago IL 60606
Tel: 312 726-4440
Fax: 312 726-0029

Practice Areas:
Divorce Law; Business Valuation; Forensic Accounting; Taxation Law; Business Litigation; Family Law

Jeffrey Brend, a partner at Levin & Brend since 1991, is both a Certified Public Accountant and an attorney who focuses his practice in the following areas: Family Law, Taxation, Business Litigation, Business Valuation, and Forensic Accounting.

Mr. Brend has the notable distinction of being the only person in the country who is a fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and affiliated with the American Society of Appraisers and Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. He has been qualified as a financial expert to value businesses and complete forensic financial investigations throughout the Chicagoland area. In addition, he is frequently appointed by the court to represent children in contested custody and visitation cases. He is p ast chair of the Matrimonial Law Committee for the Chicago Bar Association.
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