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The firm is organized into five practice areas - Corporate & Securities, Corporate Finance, Litigation, Real Estate and Bankruptcy. We serve you on the basis of your needs. Our interdisciplinary approach assures that you have access to the lawyers with the most appropriate experience.
* Corporate & Securities
* Corporate Finance
* Litigation
* Real Estate
* Bankruptcy, Restructuring and Creditors’ Rights Group

The real estate group at Fox, Hefter, Swibel, Levin & Carroll, LLP has extensive experience handling real estate transactions involving all major property types and all levels of complexity.

The group regularly represents its clients in purchase, sale, development, financing (on behalf of both lenders and borrowers) and leasing (on behalf of both landlords and tenants) transactions. The group's clients include real estate investment trusts, developers, syndicators, high net worth individuals, brokerage firms, property management companies and other firms in which real estate is their primary business, as well as business enterprises in which real estate is an important component, but ancillary to their core business.

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