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* Corporate & Securities Transactions
* Intellectual Property & Licensing
* Business & Commercial Litigation
* Professional Liability
* Real Estate Transactions
* Construction Law
* Commodities/Futures/Derivatives
* Transportation
* General Product & Tort Liability
* Employment & Labor Law

General Product and Tort Liability Litigation includes both personal injury and commercial disputes with respect to the economic losses caused by defective products.

We have represented manufacturers, assemblers, dealers, employers and end users in product liability litigation. We have also represented aircraft manufacturers in litigation arising from airline disasters, including such complex matters as airplane/helicopter crashes.

We currently represent several multinational manufacturing concerns, including manufacturers of aircraft, building products, foodstuffs, personal and healthcare products, and steel.

We also represent related entities within the distribution chain, at both the wholesale and retail levels. We have tried cases involving such products as medical devices, prescription drugs, building materials, food products and steel supplies, as well as cases involving vehicle dynamics and stability.
* Aircraft manufacturers
* Automobile manufacturers
* Manufacturers of consumer goods
* Wholesale/retail sellers
* Suppliers/distributors
* Manufacturers/distributors in national and international recalls
* Manufacturers/distributors in insurance coverage litigation

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