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* Employment Discrimination
- Age Discrimination
- Racial Discrimination
- Pregnancy Discrimination
- Sex Discrimination
* Sexual Harassment
* Retaliation
* Wrongful Termination
* Severance Agreements and Negotiations
* Employment Contracts
* Executive Counseling
* Performance Improvement Plans
* Workplace Investigations

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* Business Formation

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The Booker Law Group, LLC is a Chicago Law Firm dedicated to using the legal system to serve employees and fight injustices in the workplace. We work to protect the rights and careers of employees who are victims of various illegal employment practices by their employers that include: wrongful termination, sexual harassment, retaliation (including retaliatory discharge and retaliation for reporting harassment or discrimination), and employment discrimination, (including race discrimination, sex discrimination, age discrimination and pregnancy discrimination). We also protect the rights of employees or prospective employees by reviewing and negotiating severance agreements and employment contracts.

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