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* Business Immigration - Our immigration attorney has 12 years of experience counseling and representing foreign and domestic business entities on all phases of U.S. immigration regulatory compliance.

* L-1 and L-2 Visas - Foreign nationals with management, executive or specialized knowledge with U.S. related companies abroad can apply for inter-company transfer visas.

* H-1B Visas - U.S. employers who need professional foreign workers to fill their specialized knowledge occupations need legal assistance to make sure they follow the proper procedures and maintain the necessary records for obtaining H-1B visas for these foreign nationals.

* E-1 and E-2 Visas - Our immigration lawyer can answer all of your questions about who qualifies for treaty trader or treaty investor visas based on a Treaty of Trade & Commerce with the United States and the foreign national's home country.

* Labor Certifications - The Badia-Tavas Law Group, Ltd can help corporations, both large and small, through the complex documentation needed to sponsor a foreign national worker for permanent residency. This process usually involves an application for labor certification, currently known as PERM. The employer shows through recruitment efforts that there is a scarcity of US workers in an occupation who are able, willing, qualified and available within a specific geographic location. This process is very complex, but our experienced attorney will guide the employer through the process of compliance with the PERM regulatory requirements.

* Medical Professionals - Our immigration attorney can help you through the process of obtaining a non-immigrant and immigrant visa based on your medical training and experience as a physician, registered nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, physician's assistant as well as other occupations in the medical field. Depending on the facts of the case, some of these occupations require a J-1 waiver of the 2 year home residency requirement - such as foreign medical graduates with residency training in the US. Other occupations such as registered nurses and physical therapists require the visa screen certification from an USCIS authorized credentialing entity to immigrate to the US. Registered nurses also require the CGFNS certificate and licensure in the state of intended employment.

* Family-Based Immigration - For help with a petition for an immediate relative (spouse, child under 21 years of age and parent of a U.S. citizen) to become a legal resident, the Badia-Tavas Law Group, Ltd will represent you before USCIS to file the required petitions and documents to make the interview with the local USCIS Office a smooth process.

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